Cherry Wine – Hozier (except it’s the cover performed by Jasmine Thompson)

To start, I would like to compliment Jasmine Thompson for somehow creating a version of Cherry Wine that makes my heart ache like the original.

Next I’d like to take a second and appreciate the amazing art by Louis Jones that is featured at the top of the post. The title of this moving piece is “Calm Before the Storm”

But let’s get into it.

I’ve been doing really good but something about the rain just now, made miss life outside the house.

I really can’t complain. I have a pretty good life, but tonight with the cold air and the thunder, I just missed driving in my car. I had a horrible lump in my throat over not being able to just go out on a drive.

And it’s been nice out these past few days which I’m thankful for. But I am feeling something bad in my head and I really dont know what to do. I’m at a loss for words to describe it. I would just like to be able to go somewhere on my own, I think. Maybe that would help.

The last time I went to a Place, was when I went to McDonalds with brad on the 19th of March. And the last time I physically drove myself anywhere was March 15th to Circle K to get gas after my mom told me to.

Right now my car is trapped in the garage by mulch, but my goal is to go for a drive once my mom has finished with the mulch.

So, I can only wait.

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