Finance and Skyrim

So today I got paid and I didn’t know. Well, I actually got paid yesterday but I still didn’t know. My mom told me, because we share a bank account. I was like “Oh cool” and then I realized I got paid way more than last time, because I worked more hours. So I transferred a majority of that money into my savings account and now my savings account is living its freaking life. I like putting money into my savings account, and I love working at KOA. After my mom told me how much money I earned, I got a lecture about recording my hours and making sure I’m getting paid the right amount. That lecture made me want to go play skyrim for 6+ hours, so that is what I did. I talked to myself the whole time too.

Yesterday I watched two videos about buying houses. It made me really hate banks and capitalism and humanity. But I think I’m fine now. I really don’t get why everyone has to be so selfish, especially the banks like ‘oh my god! are you not rich enough already! you have to steal every single Penny I have! when will it end!‘ is what I would say and then in my head I would think WOW NEWSFLASH IT WONT EVER END. And then I got sad about life.

So here’s an example of how banks MILK THE SHIT out of you and your bank accounts. They frontload interest, right? So that means they make you pay more interest per month right when you have just bought your house, than 15 years after you’ve bought it, if you’re still paying it off. That shit should be illegal! that shouldn’t be allowed like you’re already paying the goddamn interest and you’ve just bought a house but now they want you to pay a bajillion dollars in the beginning and only a million dollars near the end. I just got really angry about that.

Also there is this thing called Escrow Account Contribution, and that is like the third thing you have to pay when you buy a house. (the first two are the actual mortgage and the interest.) Your EAC is responsible for paying your taxes and all that garbage. While your mortgage and interest can be fixed rate payments (if that’s what you go with, which I heard is a good way to go) your EAC can change from month to month! So not only do you have to pay a HELL of a lot of money, sometimes you won’t even know what the fuck your paying. “How much do you want this month buddy? $100 or $400? You want $500!!?? But I don’t HAVE $500 OH SHIT. NOW I’M IN DEBT!

Anyways I’m still lowkey panicking over adult finances, but it is fine because I am saving up so good. I will never be in debt. Another thing that scares me, credit card debt. It reminds me of the Great Depression in Leonards. Just all these people spending money they don’t have. Crazy shizz dude, I could never. Which reminds me, what are the differences between credit cards and debit cards. I know with debit cards the money is like ON the card but with credit cards you pay off what you’ve spent at a certain point? I don’t know, but I’m really tired and I have work tomorrow.

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