Happy 4th of July

Today is essentially my holiday. I know I get Monday and Tuesday off, and I have work tomorrow, but I had my own little celebration tonight.

So I worked until 5 today, and I didn’t get into the car until 5:12 because Allie was just a smidge late which is okay now that I’m thinking about it, but at the time I was sweaty, tired, and over of being at KOA. Anyways instead of just going straight home, I made my dad drive to Summerfield Market so I could get snacks for home, which is the smartest decision I’ve ever made.

At Summerfield Market I got chocolate, popcorn, ice cream, AND strawberry poptarts(AMAZING). I ate the chocolate bar on the way home because I was hungry and dying and it was the easiest thing to open. I have since eaten some of the rest of the food but I haven’t pigged out and eaten all of it… yet.

Also while we were at Summerfield Market there was a huge tree branch they were cutting up in the parking lot and the rest of the tree was just hanging over the building so my dad was like “Oh cool we should be fast in here haha” and I was like “Same.” Also the register girl was cute, she had this cool piercing in between her eyebrows and on the inside I was like “YES” and on the outside I was like “Thanks, have a good day!” I also went in with my wallet but my dad payed for everything so… yeet. (cuz this bitch empty lmao)

On the way home from Summerfield Market my grandma called and asked if I wanted fries. And of course I said yes. So my dad dropped me off and grabbed my moms birthday cup because she wanted it for the party they were going to tonight. Also I think she probably thinks it’s the coolest thing she owns.

My grandma came over with the fries and hung out with me for a bit. I watched like 3-ish episodes of New Girl with her and then she went to smoke a cigarette and a weird New Girl episode turned on and I didn’t want to watch it with my grandma so I started looking at horror movies. She came back when I was browsing but she didn’t like any of them except Sharknado and that was the last thing I wanted to watch. So I turned on a movie called The Ritual but she left halfway through it to pick up the boys (they’re spending the night at her house tonight). So half an hour after she left I got bored/distracted and paused the movie and never un-paused it.

At one point tonight I could hear the fireworks display at my work and I decided I wanted to have my own little celebration and lit some sparklers. It was a real struggle to find a lighter and I went on a serious mission to find one. It was more difficult than you would think. That’s a story. Anyways I lit a pack of sparklers and found that it wasn’t that fun all by myself, but it was something to do so… :/

So that was my night, and now I’m probably gonna eat more ice cream and think about stuff and maybe cry.

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