How difficult it was to start this blog…

Instead of the obligatory introductory post how about we start off with me complaining about how obnoxious it was to start this blog.

I should start with a little backstory. I have always been interested in starting a blog (or website) since, maybe, middle school. It wasn’t a passionate yearning or anything but I was always curious. I tried something like this on tumblr but it was not the right place for me to do what I really wanted to do. My tumblr account(s) turned into an obsession/addiction. That is not what I want for my blog.

My interest in building a website led to me taking some classes on computer programming in my freshman year. I didn’t learn a lot from them but I did learn more than I would’ve on my own, almost like every other class I’ve ever taken. I experimented once with trying to make a website but discovered I needed to pay for most things to actually get one that would look nice and function well. So that was a bust.

Flash forward to me getting a drivers permit(not license mind you), then a job, and then a debit card. The problems I had with money was not that I didn’t have what I needed, because I did I counted, but that it was not in the form that I needed it to be in. I had physical bills but I needed a card. Now that I have one… ta da! A website has been created!

Now for explaining how I created it, ugh. So, it’s the middle of the summer, I have a debit card, and I’m itching to start a blog after visiting someone else’s blog. After watching two YouTube tutorials, I picked one to follow and jumped right in. I was at the checkout on HostGator, ready to buy(register?) my domain, but this was my first time ever for spending money that I had earned at my job. So of course I call my mom over to see her reaction and maybe get a little of her approval. She tells me to switch my host, where you buy the domain from, to GoDaddy. he had never heard of HostGator before and I assume she bought her websites domain with GoDaddy.

So I switch my host to GoDaddy and I do the checkout and BOOM! I’ve spent like $43 or something on a domain name alone. First of all, ew. Second of all, it gets worse.

So I’ve bought my domain. But I can’t even do anything with it unless I buy a website builder. Now I am still mad about this because there must be a way to just build your website from your domain without something like GoCentral or WordPress making you pay more money. Not that I’m shading WordPress, building my Website has been easy so far, and it will probably just get easier but honestly I paid $71 just to build my website. With the domain that is $115 dollars! Like what the heck dude!

But anyways, now we’re here. I’ve just watched Mamma Mia! and I’m writing my first blog post on a Thursday.

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