I’m kinda (really) nervous!

Tomorrow is my final presentation and I feel kind of nervous because I haven’t practiced it in front of other people and I have to make it shorter than it was last time, because it was way too long. My mom is going to be there, and I’m definitely going to cry. Ugh, I feel so tense right now. I have chores to do and I want to re-film my mock interview. My mom said she can do that with me after the boys go to bed but they go to bed at, like, 9:00 pm so I’m not going to be able to go to bed early. Then what if I’m super tired tomorrow for my final presentation? Oh, so nervous.

Lately I’ve been kind of tired all the time. That makes me a different kind of nervous. I don’t want to spend Christmas being sad. I do not have the time for that. This is my last Christmas as a baby. Next year I’ll be 18. Which means I can vote, so that’s exciting. I’m getting so off-topic. This is just my stream of consciousness typing. I think my brain focuses on the thoughts I’m having so much because I’m typing them that it slows down in order for my fingers to catch up. Unlike how I write. I write so messy because my hand can’t keep up with my thoughts, so I write too fast. Wow. I really need to look at my flashcards again, also maybe copy them in pen because they are so light. Oh well. Actually, I should look over my interview questions. Oh my gosh, I have chores to do. Farewell!

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