Penelope (2006)

A great movie that I love to watch, to make me feel happy and content, is Penelope. The plot is that this girl (Penelope!) was born with a pig nose and ears due to a curse from her great-great-something-grandfather. She lives her life isolated from the outside world until age 24 or 25 when her mother decides to bring in suitors. Except they don’t know about the curse and only know that she is a blueblood. The curse can only be broken when “One of her own kind loves her”.

There’s a whole mess about her falling in love and him not being able to break the curse because he lied about his name and her still being a pig but eventually the public finds out and they like celebrate her for it, but her mother still wants the nose gone, (even though Penelope is fine with it how it is!!!) and forces her to almost marry a dude that hates her (mind you, this dude is an asshole and he’s the only person that genuinely doesn’t like Penelope). She actually can’t go through with the wedding, runs back to her room, and declares that she loves herself the way she is even if her mother doesn’t. A gust of wind blows her back into the wall and music plays  and she passes out and when she wakes up, the nose is gone. Then she just disappears again, but this time she’s just an ordinary teacher for elementary students. She eventually confesses her love for the dude that she fell in love with earlier and he apologizes for not being able to break the curse and they get married and live happily ever after, as far as I’m concerned.

To be quite honest, the movie is shit. Acting is pretty mediocre, setting is so freaking weird, the plot isn’t developed enough in some areas, even the costumes are bad, but the message is good. The idea that when you learn to love yourself, your life will get better and you will be happier and be able to live your life free.

I love this movie because while watching, for some reason I feel like I have no problems at all in the world. For one hour and 30 minutes I don’t have school, work, a future. I don’t even have to pee or eat or drink. I have nothing to do, and there is nothing in the world I would rather do than watch Penelope figure out her life’s worth under the span of an hour. It feels like magic. I don’t know why. But I wish I always felt like that. That I have no problems, and that everything will be fine.

I first watched Penelope in middle school one year, over Christmas break. I stayed up until the depth of the night when no one was awake, not even my dad, scrolling through Netflix on my tablet. I was just watching Christmas movies and Penelope was in the holiday movie section. Now that I’m thinking about it, I have no idea why. There’s no mention of any type of holiday in the entire movie. I would know, I’ve seen it enough. Anyways, that night I watched it was so completely perfect, I wasn’t stressed out at all. I had no worries about my future or school or a job. I think that movie is just so powerful that it held onto that feeling and now, whenever I watch it, I can feel like there is nothing in the world that could hurt me.

I’m going to try to hold onto that feeling.

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