Rec and Waterslide

Technically Recreation and Waterslide are two different sections but all the waterslide employees are just the REC employees. So there is that explanation. Now my concern is how I interact with people, ugh I’m so awkward, and my motivation for social interaction, which is almost non-existent. That is a problem for someone who is supposed to work REC. I am supposed to be happy and excited, not only as a KOA employee I general but also as a REC employee, but I am a naturally ‘shy’ and introverted person. I am perfectly comfortable with being alone and if anything, being alone lets me recharge. I am discovering that my job is draining me, socially and possibly physically as well. It is okay though because the biggest holiday of the summer is almost over and then it will probably be smooth sailing from there.

Going back to what I started with, as a REC and W employee I can work both. I am more comfortable (from what I’ve experienced) with Waterslide though. I like to think of my place at the park as a reliable substitute, and I truly love that. I can be there for an extra hour here or there and I’m always available (like I’m constantly saying) during the summer and I can pop in while someone’s taking a break (although I would like to be seriously trained with the register because honestly I have no idea what I’m doing with that). I think the idea that always having a backup person available for whatever section is great, because honestly that is what I signed up for (except housekeeping, it scares me).

Coming back from that tangent, I really am more comfortable with Waterslide, at least for now. Again with the substitute thing, I could probably fill in on Activities on a slow day, but I am just not ready to do a regular weekend activities crowd. I am just not as comfortable around strangers (especially consumers) as I should be for someone whos job it is to create fun.

Now I just need to figure out a way to tell Mckenzie. :/

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