(I didn’t proofread this bc it’s so much so it’s a little crap :/)

I started the day with Allie cleaning up the waterslide area because there was debris everywhere from last nights firework display. We swept most of it up and eventually gave up. There was still bits and pieces everywhere but it was so hot already. We postponed opening the slide until 12 and honestly we could’ve waited until 12:30, especially if Allie and I got a small break before opening.

We swept as much as we could and got a lot of debris in the trash or at least out of the way. I was sweeping the back patio part, and I could watch the grounds boys raking up the debris that was behind the waterslide. I felt like my job was easier so I kind of pushed myself more than I should’ve now that I think of it. I guess my thinking was if they didn’t get a break why should I get one?

At one point Allie and I sat down in the shade of the slide while we were sweeping up the piles of debris and she was like “Idk if I’m gonna make it all the way through today. I was on pancakes today [which means she started at 7 IN THE FREAKIING MORNING] and I had to use the bathroom in the middle of the grill because I started my period” and at that point I felt so bad for her but THEN “and I told Mckenzie I would cover the 4-8 shift because Chaston is out sick” (more ab that later) So she would’ve been here for 13 hours, but it was okay because she got to leave at 5.

She took a bathroom break right before we opened and the kids were lining up outside the gate and Curtis (one of the grounds boys that was cleaning debris with us) came over and asked me if we were still opening, because honestly the waterslide still looked like actual garbage even after we cleaned it up. There was this rust colored dust all over the place and the cardboard was still in the nooks and crannies of the path and just ugh. I told Curtis to just tell the kids it might be another few minutes and when he came back he was like “Telling those kids it would be a little longer was the saddest thing” and I was like “Wow you would be horrible on waterslide”. No I didn’t actually say that but I wanted to. I was like “Well they can chill because they either swim in a dirty pool or wait a few more minutes.” I felt cool when I said it.

Allie called Toby to make sure we were still opening at 12 (honestly it was past 12 at that point but the waterslide area looked so bad), and he said yes because the pools chemical levels were back to normal (because that was also a problem we had lmao) and so we opened.

Allie wanted to know if I wanted top or bottom and I really wanted bottom but I also knew she needed a break and I felt so bad but I asked for bottom. Here’s the thing, you would think that telling people to go or not to go would be easy but it’s really not. I haven’t even gotten through half of today so.

So the shift started, officially. There were kids going down the waterslide and I was telling them to walk and stuff. I want to say it was like 1:30 (not really sure) but I was really thirsty. I had drank all of my water bottle before noon anyways because cleaning was so bad, so I was out of water. I wasn’t really aware of how thirsty I was until it was an obvious problem. So inside my head I was already giving myself this peptalk like “Okay Sydney, just radio Mckenzie and she’ll bring you over water no problem” and I started practicing what to say “Waterslide to Mckenzie … Go for Mckenzie … Would you mind bringing me over some water please? … blah blah blah”  but on the outside my finger would not press the button because it just seemed so stupid that I didn’t have water like why was I not prepared for this.

So I just suffered. Another bad mistake. I realized it was a bad mistake when Tyler pulled up maybe half an hour (or an hour or two hours??) later and asked if I needed water or a break. I said yes to water but I should’ve also said yes to break. OOF. So he brought me a water and went on his way.

Now I freaking swallowed this water whole, I needed it so bad. Tallying up all the water I drank today had to be more than 6 because that’s as many empty crushed bottles I had in my bag (because I am a hoarder). It started hitting me like a couple minutes (or hours? time was a really blurry thing at that point) and it hit hard. I felt really sick, like throw up sick, but the last thing I was about to do was radio for a break because, y’know, it’s me. So 4 oclock rolled around and I was so ready to go home, but Allie needed a break so Gabe replaced her and then my dad was waiting to pick me up and it was 4:12 so I texted Mckenzie and she said Allie needs to go home, which I sympathized with but that left me in the predicament I was in. Heat exhaustion and asking for a break. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to ask.

I agreed to stay for the 4-8 shift because I just felt so bad for Allie, she really needed to go home. Mckenzie stopped by to talk to me and saw that I looked like… bad. She told me Sara was gonna get an hour break(Sara was on activities today) and then Sara was probably gonna give me an hour break. I was happy with that. At that point it was probably 4:20 (LMAO) ish. Maybe 10-15 minutes later, a supervisor I had never met, descended from the heavens.

Jonathan is a supervisor, of what I do not know, but he came over to the waterslide to give me a break. He also gave me a toby token. I was so happy. I had never been more happy in my life. I just became the living dead for a few minutes, walked my dead body to the barn (idk how to explain it, it’s like the main hub besides the store? idk) and stood in front of the box fan on the counter for 10 minutes. When I had enough oxygen to think, I forced myself to go to the store. I needed to refill my water bottle and buy food.

I got to the store and stood in front of the beef jerky section for a long time. I don’t know why. I was thinking about where all the other food was, there was just so much beef jerky, and I wanted to be annoyed but I didn’t have enough energy. Anyways I grabbed so pretzel granola bars and white cheddar cheezits and then Mckenzie showed up. She was like a mother hen worrying about her ducklings it was crazy. She was like “Do you need this refilled? [grabs my water bottle as I nod my head] Follow me now, wait go buy your things and then find me” and she just disappeared.

I bought my stuff, and totally forgot about my Toby token until Jessica reminded me I had it. She also thanked me for staying until 8. Everyone thanked me it was weird, I got so many thanks today for doing my job. I was looking for Mckenzie when she popped out of nowhere. She gave me a filled, cold water bottle (mine, the green one) and asked me to follow her. I did and she brought me to a door to the ice machines, which led to the door to the fridge, and what happened next was the best part of my day.

She opened the door and Amy was in there, sitting on the floor. She said “Get in. You guys are gonna stay here for the rest of your break, if you get too cold, hop out but then get back in.” So I sat in the fridge with Amy for a while. We didn’t talk much because we were both drained but we did have some laughs scaring customers that opened the fridge. She left first, and at the 50 minutes mark of my break, I left too. At one point though I hopped out because it was cold, and met the ice delivery guy. I wanted to ask him which city was the home city but thought it would be too funny.

So I was walking back to waterslide when Mckenzie and Amy drove up behind me in the cart, and I hopped on. They gave me a ride to the back gate and I was ready for the next stretch of waterslide. At one point Allie and Mckenzie dropped off two waters just for me, which was great. They were from the fridge so I didn’t want to rink them I just wanted to put them on my skin. I drank one eventually.

I had one kid get hurt because he jumped onto the slide from a running start (shame shame Gabe I know your name) and hurt his knee. I talked him down and asked him if his dad was here blah blah blah. I distracted him and he eventually stopped crying. I gradually worked my way up to making him walk and he limped his way back to his campsite. Another kid didn’t know where his dad was so I radioed the store and Amy popped by and brought him back to his Aunt because he was just playing gaga ball back there. Other than all that, it was okay.

I started packing up around 7:45, getting the vacuum in the pool, cleaning out filters, packing the supplies in the box, and I had put the umbrella away a while ago because it was windy today and it blew into the pool twice. It was 7:59 and Gabe was still letting people go down and I was like “omg Gabe just stop” but he’s efficient when closing up. We had to let it backwash for like a minute because the pressure was up to 35 which wow, that is bad wtf. So that was fun.

Then I locked up and we split up. He went to chase the rec cart for a ride and I started down the path to turn off the faucets. John (maybe?) came up from boat shack with a blow up lounge floatie he had to get from the fishing lake and ranted to me about how he has to get all the stuff that blows into or people leave in or by the fishing lake. I laughed because he had to walk all the way to the other end to get a beach ball. Anyways he threw it at me and ran away, and the Rec cart pulled up offering a ride and I threw it at Gabe and hopped on. He then grabbed it and hitched a ride as well. We saw housekeeping and he threw it at them and last I saw they got it.

We roll up to the store and this women comes out holding a baby bird and says she found it under her car but it keeps going under there and they wanted to put it in a bush. I went and clocked out and then walked by a congregation of yellow on the way to my moms car. Sara had the baby bird, McKenzie dropped it, Sara almost stepped on it, Beard man was like “stop freaking out it’s fine!” and Amy said “bye Pam!” to me. (another long story)

I got into my moms car, went home, and died. That is right, I am writing this from the dead.

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