Sydney vs. The Seasonal Depression That She Apparently Can Not Escape From

I have my summer pants on. The past few days I have done nothing but mope about summer. I mourn the warm sun and the warm breeze. I long to sit out on the back porch and read with the wind blowing through the screens. I miss driving to parks with the windows all open and I miss just being able to go outside and sitting in the light.

Last summer was bliss. I went on lots of trips and had incredible fun. Tennessee, the roadtrip, Chicago, Wisconsin, Twin Pines, Josh’s house, even band camp. I loved it.

Life is good, always. Don’t get me wrong. But… I would never lie to you. Life was amazing this past summer.

My house was like a beautiful sanctuary. Windows all open, fans on in every room, the ice cream truck driving through the neighborhood in the afternoons, the sliding door was always open.

Josh is going to be gone this summer but we can always have campfires, hangouts, our own little parties, anywhere, anytime.

I’m actually even excited to go back to work. It will be nice to have somewhere to go and it will be nice to make some money.

Summer, I miss you. I’m begging for you to come back. It feels so cold in this house sometimes. And the clouds are always present. I miss the sun on my skin and the warm wind that doesn’t bite as I take a breath and I mourn the happiness I always seem to lose the grasp of in January.

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