Time ≠ Intimacy

I am a firm believer in the idea that the longer you know someone does not mean the better you know them or the closer you are. Even if you are friends, just because you’ve known someone since your childhood doesn’t mean you are automatically super close or know more about them. Experience and commitment are the true building blocks of friendship.

I am biased in this opinion of course, because I have not kept any of my friends from elementary school. I had one best friend in elementary, and we held on as long as we could; however, eventually time and distance got in between us. Friendship gets harder as you get older, and that’s okay. The effort put in to remain friends really shows who is there for you and who isn’t.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized that in adulthood, you really have to make an effort to keep the friends you already have. It easier to keep friends if you’re involved in regular activities and can see each other and have something in common. After high school, you can’t just be friends with someone. You actually have to share interests and stuff. Growing up is hard, but the benefits of friendship are worth it.

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