My name’s Sydney, I’m 18 and I love reading!

And I love a variety of other things, including but not limited to…

Minecraft – best game ever, I’ve been playing a lot lately, but I wish I had more friends to play it with

Writing – if the blog says anything about me, it’s that I like writing, even if I don’t do it a lot

My friends – I miss them a lot right now, quarantine and all that, but I’m lucky to have them!

Nature – not that I get to indulge in this interest often, but it is nice leave the confines of my house sometimes

I would like to consider myself a nice person, I’m very sensitive but also very passionate about the things I believe in, or I try to be at least. I try my best not to judge people, and I like to look at both sides of everything, even if I don’t agree with something